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  • All models without Outer-casing, must be built into walls, fences.
  • Available with front or rear opening
  • Available for A3 or A4 size envelopes
  • Designed to be built into new walls or fences
  • No outside casing means they are cost effective to produce and we pass the savings onto you

A3 Model boxes

  • Designed for larger A3 Size mail and commercial quantities and with the same height dimensions as the A4 our normal door extrusions can be used.
  • Suitable for businesses with large deliveries; for example, Xrays, certificates, plans
Premier model with graphic door and panel
Classic Singles

Country Manor

  • Country Manor is our top of the range residential mailbox
  • We combine security with style
  • A wide range of standard colours to match posts with the mailbox
  • Also a wide range of numbering styles
  • Available with Custom Panels to personalise your mail box
Country ManorCountry Manor


  • Two slim tall models:
    • Rear opening, box mounted inside door with slot cut through door and finished with aluminium trim giving secure rear retrieval of mail.
    • Front opening box mounted outside door or wall with mail slot at the top and door at the bottom suitable for narrow passages A4 mail remains vertical in this model
  • Only available in singles
  • Residential: Ideal for terrace house doors where there is limited or no space for a front yard mail box
  • Commercial: Ideal for offices or warehouses with doors/entrances opening directly onto the street footpath
Terrace: Slot
Terrace: Rear opening
Terrace: Fron opening
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